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Party Girl Diet Survival Tip #2: Look Fit in Your Little Black Dress With Aprilanne’s “Toned-By-Tonight!™ Workout!

by on Nov.16, 2011, under The Party Girl Diet, Toned-By-Tonight Workout™

Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley is "Toned-by-Tonight"

It’s always “little black dress” season - and there’s no time like the present to get “Toned-By-Tonight” with Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley, who shares her 20 minute workout here, and dishes her coveted pre-event diet and beauty tips and tricks LIVE on Hawaii News Now Sunrise KGMB- CBS and KHNL – CBS.

The Party Girl Diet  is available on Amazon.com…so you can “Keep the Party Going – and Keep the Weight Off!”

Aprilanne Hurley is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, author of The Party Girl Diet, and Health Expert for California Living, the Bay Area’s original lifestyle show featuring California’s trends in food, travel, and healthy living.  The Party Girl Diet is the Revolutionary New Diet and LIfestyle  is available on Amazon.com …so you can “Keep the Party Going…While You Lose the Weight!”

Email your nutrition, dieting/weight loss questions to aprilanne@dietdaynews.com .

The content on this site is for informational purposes and is not intended to cure or treat any disease or illness.   Please consult with your doctor or health care provider prior to starting any new diet or exercise regimen.

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New Years Resolution #1: “Party On While You Lose the Weight” – with The Party Girl Diet!

by on Jan.01, 2011, under California Living, Food & Wine, Healthy Living, Nutrition News, The Party Girl Diet

The Party Girl Diet by Aprilanne HurleyThis time of year, many people find themselves vowing to make lifestyle changes that will help them get healthier and lose weight.

The Problem: Popular Fad diets can be unsustainable due to unrealistic or unhealthy food programs making it difficult to stay on them long term.  This sets the dieter up for what’s know in the dieting world as “yo-yo-dieting”-  a condition wherein one  finds themselves loosing and gaining weight repetitively.
The Solution:  “The Party Girl Diet” by Aprilanne Hurley SFN, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition – is not a fad diet – it is a revolutionary, sustainable lifestyle that let’s you eat chocolate, drink red wine, and enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods and “lose weight while you’re having the time of your life!”

The Party Girl Diet is now available for purchase online – so you can “Keep the Party Going…While You Lose the Weight!”

As the producer and host of California Living, the Bay Area’s original lifestyle show providing the “Insider’s Guide” to California food, travel, and healthy living, Aprilanne Hurley has made “health & wellness” content a priority, and available to millions of viewing households primetime – Bay Area wide.

The Party Girl Diet’s Diet & Lifestyle Plan combines the most current health and nutrition research with Hurley’s 15+ years of expertise researching and reporting on important health and wellness issues and discoveries that affect people of all ages.

For a preview of some of the delicious recipes and healthy living tips from  Hurley’s diet plan visit PartyGirlDiet.com.

Check out Healthy Living and Nutrition articles by Aprilanne Hurley SFN on Examiner.com

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Everyday Veggies get a “sexy makeover” with Silverado Resort’s Chef Peter Pahk on California Living with Aprilanne Primetime…

by on Apr.09, 2010, under California Living, Food & Wine, Healthy Living, Napa Valley, CA

Chefs Peter Pahks Oregon Pink shrimp with Organic Tequila Lime Sauce
Chef’s Peter Pahk’s Oregon Pink shrimp with Organic Tequila Lime Sauce

How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat daily?  According to the Harvard School of Public Health – if it is less than 5 - 13 servings a day (equivalent to  approximately 2 1/2 to 6 1/2 cups of fruits and vegetables daily) you could be cheating yourself of the powerful antioxidant and disease fighting properties a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables can deliver. 


Aprilanne Hurley and Chef Peter Pahk make "sexy vegetable" garnish primetimeI realize the idea of consuming 6 1/2 cups of anything can be hard for some people to swallow – yet there are so many great ways to incorporate these food groups into our daily meals to make eating our fruits and veggies fun and tasty – like the Tequila Lime Shrimp Recipe with “sexy” and colorful vegetable garnish featured primetime on California Living below, compliments of Silverado Resort’s Executive Chef Peter Pahk  – who gives ordinary vegetables a “sexy makeover” in this somewhat decadent yet surprisingly healthy dish that is easy, nutritious, and delicious – ENJOY – and sign up for RSS feed to be sure you catch all of our Healthy Living Updates and related shows coming on-demand as they happen!  Aprilanne

This CA Living show segment is NOW On-demand!  Watch Silverado’s Executive Chef Peter Pahk make his Tequila Lime Shrimp with “sexy” vegetable garnish on CAInsider.com! 

Recipe:   Silverado Resort Executive Chef Peter Pahk’s Oregon Pink Shrimp with Organic Tequila and Lime Sauce as seen on California Living with Aprilanne:

Serves 6 as an appetizer

1 pound cooked Oregon Pink Shrimp

1 cup each of Red Beet, Yellow Beet and Cucumber “Confetti”

1 1/2 cups Tequila and Lime Sauce

1 cup chiffonade of Romaine Lettuce

6 Martini glasses

6 Sprigs each of dill and Italian Parsley

6 wedges of lime

For the Kefir Sauce

14 ounces plain kiefer or Greek Style Yogurt

2 ounces organic tequila

Juice of 2 limes (about 1 ounce)

Salt and Pepper to taste

To make the “Confetti” you will need a turning machine – simply set up the radishes, peppers, etc. into the machine and crank away!  This is one of the greatest ways you can “sneak” veggies into dishes and it’s fun and easy!!!  (Watch Video for more details)

For the Chiffonade of Romaine you will need one head of just the heart of Romaine lettuce.  Starting from the stem end,  slice as thin a ribbon of Romaine  that you can.  Reserve

To Serve, place 1 ounce of romaine at the bottom of a martini glass.  Hang a few strands of each kind of “Confetti” down the glass…

Spoon about 2 ounces of Kefir Sauce on top of the lettuce and then add about 3 ounces of the Oregon Pink Shrimp on top.. Garnish with the dill and parsley sprigs and lime wedge.  To compliment the acid and salt balance of this dish try pairing  with a sparkling beverage of your choice and ENJOY!!!  

How many Fruits and Vegetables do you Need?  An Interactive Guide based on your age, sex, and activity level…

What is what - when it comes to a cup of fruits and veggies?

Harvard School of Public Health on daily vegetable and fruit consumption

Silverado Resort

About Chef Peter Pahk

 Watch Silverado’s Executive Chef Peter Pahk make this Recipe on California Living with Aprilanne On-Demand NOW on CAInsider.com!

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