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Are oysters really an aphrodisiac? The truth may surprise you

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Aphrodite ~ Goddess of Love rises out of the sea in an oyster shell...

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Aprilanne Hurley, Author of The Party Girl Diet offers a new lifestyle for the healthy “party girl” in all of us.  The healthy party girl enjoys her life, eats and drinks in moderation, & exercises regularly to keep healthy and fit.”

People can now enjoy a lifestyle without the deprivation and restrictions typical of fad-diets with the fun NEW, healthy Party Girl Diet.  You can have that glass of wine or a cocktail at happy hour, and you can enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods and lose weight while you are having the time of your life.

Take feasting on oysters for instance, proposed aphrodisiac effects aside –  oysters are considered one of the most nutritionally balanced foods as they contain protein, carbohydrates and lipids.  Extremely low in calories one dozen oysters contains approximately only 110 calories!   Oysters are also full of vitamins, and possess the omega-3 fatty acids that are good for our skin, brain, and muscles.

Now lets take a look at the notion that oysters are an aphrodisiac  - and where the story originated from. As the legend goes – the love goddess Aphrodite rose out of the sea in an oyster shell, and the “guilty by association” rule kicked in for oysters, which century after century have gained by this association with Aphrodite the reputation of enhancing the feelings of sexual desire and performance of those mortals who eat them.

As far as oysters being great aphrodisiacs – apparently there is no scientific proof to substantiate such a claim.  But don’t let that prevent you from thinking what you want to think about them as research shows the psychological impact of believing that oysters are aphrodisiacs can sometimes be strong enough to produce  a greater sexual desire or performance - temporarily anyway.

To add a flavor boost with anti-aging health benefits try my “Anti-Aging Garlic Butter Sauce” Recipe below on BBQ’D oysters - and pair your BBQ’D oysters with a sparkling beverage such as champagne, beer, or sparkling water to indulge in a most sumptuous pairing with nature’s perfect food ~ oysters.  Oh, and if your in the mood for love…eating a few dozen oysters and just thinking they are aphrodisiac may just do the trick ~  Aprilanne

To make Aprialnne’s “Anti-Aging” Garlic Butter for 2 dozen BBQ’D Oysters:

First:  Mince 3 cloves  garlic – let sit 10 minutes to enhance disease fighting properties.

Second:  Melt 3 heaping tablespoons of a healthy butter-like spread (or butter if you must) to 1 1/2 – 2 tablespoons first cold pressed olive oil in the microwave for 10 sec. increments at a time or on the stove top – keep an eye on it as it will melt fast and you don’t want it to burn.

Then – Add a few cubes of frozen basil (get in frozen section at Trader Joe’s). You can also finely chopped 5 -6 fresh basil leaves too - but the frozen variety is micro-fine and blends really well into the butter/olive oil mixture.

Next:  Coarsely chop a few springs of  fresh Rosemary, or the herb of your choice and mix all ingredients together well in a small bowl.

Now - once your oysters have opened up on the grill (they have been cooking at medium heat witht the lid down for about 5 – 10 minutes depending on your grill and the temp. you have it set on) – split open and spoon enough sauce onto each oyster to cover the oyster meat and grill another few minutes until sauce gets slightly bubbly.

Then…ENJOY!  You can make this a great, light meal by adding a Ceasar salad,  a loaf of crusty whole grain or french bread for dipping in the extra sauce, and a sparkling beverage which will pair well with the oysters.

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